AAF Mosaic Champions for Diversity

Alex and Cathy López Negrete Recognized for a Legacy of Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion

HOUSTON, March 16, 2021  — Business leaders Alex and Cathy López Negrete, co-founders of Lopez Negrete Communications in Houston, have been named the 2021 “Mosaic Champions” by the American Advertising Federation (AAF). The AAF’s Mosaic Awards recognize individuals whose commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident through their creative work and organization-wide and industry-wide initiatives.

Under Alex and Cathy’s leadership, Lopez Negrete Communications has been at the forefront of the Hispanic advertising industry charge to foster diversity, inclusion, participation and representation in the agency’s work, in the industry as well as in the agency’s own environment, since its founding in Houston 36 years ago. Building on their rich history of inclusion in the Hispanic advertising and marketing space, Lopez Negrete Communications continues to walk the talk by hiring and collaborating with diverse talent and partners as the agency continuously evolves its Omnicultural™ approach, helping all their clients effectively communicate and meaningfully connect with the very diverse and burgeoning New American Mainstream.

“Diversity, inclusion, and representation run deep with us,” says Alex López Negrete. “We have always chosen to embed our commitment to diversity into the core beliefs, culture and DNA of the agency. We make diversity an essential element in the agency’s purpose: having a positive impact on both the communities we operate in and come from, and upon the agency’s clients whom we serve and represent. For us, the idea of diversity has always gone far beyond meeting a client’s corporate requirements and making a lasting difference,” he added.

“The work of championing diversity and inclusion never ends because demographics, technology and social change provide an ever-evolving landscape for the advertising industry. While our world is constantly changing, there is one constant going forward: Lopez Negrete Communications will remain at the forefront of defining and addressing inclusion and diversity in our industry…wherever the future takes us,” stated Cathy López Negrete.

“The Mosaic Awards are a shining example of great work with high impact created by a diverse group of advertising practitioners and professionals who help us all lead by example,” said Steve Pacheco, CEO at the American Advertising Federation.

The Mosaic Awards will be live streamed on April 29, 2021.

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