We are the nation’s largest independent, Hispanic-owned and operated full-service advertising and marketing services agency. And most importantly, we have the brightest minds in the business. The Lopez Negrete team is uniquely adept and experienced at harnessing insights at the local market level, developing impactful and effective creative, and bringing to life our promise of providing our clients with Maximum Return on Cultural Intelligence in an Omnicultural America.
Alex López Negrete President and CEO
Alex's insightful leadership has guided Lopez Negrete from a pioneer to the vanguard agency it is today. He is truly bicultural, calling both Mexico City and Houston "home." His passion for advertising excellence, creative brilliance, and our clients' growth and profitability is infectious, and has fueled the success of the agency and the Lopez Negrete team as a whole. Alex’s leadership also extends to the community, where his passion is felt across his major roles on local and nonprofit boards.
Cathy López Negrete Executive Vice President/CFO/COO
All business, financial and operational departments are under Cathy’s able stewardship. She leads with kindness, plans with foresight, and manages change without fear. Apart from being incredibly savvy about business, she’s artistic, nurturing, and downright hilarious.
Howard Brown Vice President and General Manager
Seasoned, multifaceted, focused and fair describe Howard. For over three decades, he has played a key role in the day-to-day functioning of our independently owned agency across all offices, keeping it on track for growth, accountability and profit.
Julio Arrieta CMO, Managing Director
Julio is a brand strategist by trade and a man with a passion for upcoming trends and groundswell consumer behavior. Julio has spent 20 years building successful brands in a variety of areas, including retail, food, entertainment, technology, financial services, media, and professional services.
Gerry Loredo Director of Business Analytics
Gerry brings a highly disciplined and fact-based approach to the Business Analytics department. He has extensive experience using quantitative tools to gain a deep understanding of a category, generate actionable insights, and quantify the value of his clients' marketing investments.
Fernando Osuna Chief Creative Officer
Thanks to FerO’s keen eye, brand insight and creative vision, he now leads all the creative efforts for every one of our clients. It’s quite a job, but FerO handles it with both determination and, despite the pressure, an irresistible charm.