Must Have Social Connections for Ad Agencies

Advertising professionals know the importance of appearances, so they understand the need to maintain top-notch social media profiles. Once you know the central concepts for what goes into a great presence for an advertiser, where will you find the content to share on your agency’s social channels?

Fortunately, that’s an easy question to answer. The nature of the advertising field gives tons of options for finding share-worthy links, images, and stories. This list can get you started on the right track.

Your Clients

This is a no-brainer. You create ads in order to get eyes on them. Do your part to boost the signal by sharing links to the work you do. Got a great new video? Share the link. Got a photo spread in an upcoming magazine issue? Tweet it out.

If you’re in advertising, you should be proud of the work you do and want to share it. That goes without saying. But a good advertising relationship can go beyond just a single project. Keep an eye on your top clients. When they have big, exciting news, share it. Their success is a sign of your success, so make sure to revel equally in their victories.

Your Agency

Make sure that you keep all of your agency’s social accounts connected. If there are multiple profiles on a single network, such as Twitter accounts for both New York and Los Angeles offices, then have them all following each other. Those official social accounts may be a great source of content to share. Not only will you be helping to increase the engagement happening on those profiles, but it shows pride in your workplace to your entire audience. That’s a good thing for both you and your agency.

Several international agencies show the scope this can take. For instance, Saatchi + Saatchi has Twitter profiles not just for the parent company, but also for its specific offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London and for the markets everywhere from Norway to New Zealand.

Your Team Members

Ad work tends to be highly collaborative, and advertising professionals are highly savvy. That means the people who come into the office every day and put in the hard work are certainly active on the major social networks. Those people should be among your social connections. Not only is it great to solidify those professional ties, but you’ll also be able to share each other’s material. This especially helps to showcase your agency’s unique flavor and character.

That extends beyond just your agency’s full-time employees. Say you have a photographer who has worked on some shoot for your agency. If they’re active on Instagram, be sure to favorite or share their best snaps. When a colleague tweets something particularly funny or insightful, give it a bigger audience. If you’re judged by the company you keep, then showcasing how savvy your work connections are will only do good things for your agency’s reputation in the field.

Your Specialty

Some advertising agencies have a specialty. From a technical expertise in web design, social media, graphic artists, and video production, to a focused knowledge of a particular demographic or industry, there are areas where your team is tops in the field. Look to that expertise as a source of social shares. This is a particularly great way to add content outside of advertising to your feed, and to encourage interactions among your followers and colleagues.

Lopez Negrete is a great example of how a specialty can become a source of social content. The Hispanic-focused agency peppers its Twitter feed with studies about its central demographic. Want to know about how Hispanics play into the streaming media trend or whether they’re major craft beer buyers? Lopez Negrete’s tweets can point you to the answers.

Your Industry

Much ink has been spilled about the state of advertising, and social media can be a great place to talk shop. You’re probably keeping up with industry publications such as Advertising Age and Adweek, and those magazines are all active on social networks. Even if you don’t follow them, thought-provoking or inspiring articles from the ad world are great fodder for building your professional social presence.

Likewise, you’ll want to be alert to major studies or research done, either about advertising in general or your particular expertise. Keep an eye on the top market research entities, such as Nielsen, because they’ll surely have some papers worth sharing with your audience.

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