Lopez Negrete’s Alex López Negrete: In 2015 we should see more Hispanic agencies taking control of the message of many of our clients

(María Carolina Alonso). On the eve of its 30th anniversary as a pioneer multicultural agency in the industry, Lopez Negrete Communications founder and president, Alex López Negrete, shared with PRODU its balance of 2014.

The executive said that last year was very positive, after reaching the set financial goals; the opening of the branch in Mexico City; while offices in New York met their first anniversary with an unexpected growth that forced them to relocate.

“We met our third year in the process of creative reinvention designed by Cathy López Negrete, Fernando Osuna, our CCO and me. This mission to reinvent such a large and long-standing agency like ours is not easy, but it is giving quick and tangible results,” he said.

Among the memorable moments of 2014, the publicist said was the addition union of Rafael Dominguez as leader of LNC Mexico. “Opening an agency in my town, in my neighborhood where I grew up, was a unique and beautiful experience,” he said. Also, he mentioned the hiring for the NY team of the duo of Marco Walls and Hernan Ibañez. “We also found a new home for the agency in Chelsea, a very cool area of NY, that is like a dream come true.” Another great moment was the result of the Walmart anthemic project. “It was one of the biggest projects we have done recently and gave us unforgettable moments, not only getting the job, but seeing how happy customers are with this campaign,” he added.

In conclusion, he said: “The expectations for 2015 are high. We have to continue the flight as an independent agency, and also continue our process of creative reinvention, taking advantage of the incredible talent that has joined this adventure.’’

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