Lopez Negrete Wins Coveted American Advertising Federation Mosaic Award

Lopez Negrete Communications, one of the nation’s largest independent, Hispanic owned and operated full-service agencies, has been announced as an honoree at the American Advertising Federation’s 18 [th] Annual Mosaic Awards for work created on behalf of its long-standing client, Walmart. The campaign entitled “A Unifying Beat” launched the retailer’s Online Grocery Pick-Up service to Latino audiences during the 2018 World Cup and will be receiving the Mosaic Media Image Award for Innovation In Storytelling at the Mosaic Awards, taking place at the American Advertising Federation’s National Conference, ADMERICA, on June 6, 2019.

The goal of the campaign was to promote awareness of Walmart’s free Online Grocery Pick-Up service during the time of the World Cup, since Latinos would have many big group gatherings during the full month-long timeframe of the tournament. Hispanic Americans make up a combination of unique cultures and traditions, whose sensitivities are maximized during the World Cup when pride of their heritage goes into overdrive. Working closely with Walmart’s media agency, Haworth Marketing + Media, each tournament featuring one of the eight participating Latin American countries (Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Panama, Brazil and Costa Rica) featured country-specific creative content reflecting customers’ enthusiasm for their soccer teams, their favorite foods and how they’d benefit from the unequaled convenience of Walmart’s new service.

“We feel like we actually won the World Cup with this campaign! We not only successfully introduced Walmart’s Free Online Grocery Pick-Up to an entirely new audience, but also — together with our partner agency Haworth Marketing + Media — found truly innovative ways to maximize the World Cup media investment to speak directly to Latino customers in the most relevant of ways,” stated Lopez Negrete Communications President and CEO, Alex López Negrete. “We tip our hat in appreciation to our long-standing client, Walmart, who continues to invest in the opportunity the Latino customer represents and, at the 25-year mark, continues to give us the freedom to innovate and break new ground,” he added.

The Mosaic Media Image Award for Innovation in Storytelling recognizes television and film content that presents storylines that extend beyond stereotypical portrayals and depict multicultural communities and individuals as the complex, multifaceted and dynamic groups they are. The American Advertising Federation’s Mosaic Awards recognize companies and agencies whose commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident through their creative work and organization-wide initiatives. Recipients are those who have embraced advanced marketing techniques and business practices and have developed programs to further diversity, that not only help improve the bottom line, but also secure a relevant role in a continuously evolving corporate environment.

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