On Saturday, May 14, 2022, Lopez Negrete Communications received two bronze awards from the Hispanic Marketing Council.

The Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) is a national trade organization of all marketing, communications, and media firms whose focus is to reach and connect with the Hispanic consumer segment in America.

According to a press release from HMC, this is the only award of its kind that honors multicultural strategic thinking, the insights that drive the work and cultural competence in Hispanic marketing.

The two recognitions were part of the 2022 HMC Strategic Excellence Award, with judges consisting of client leaders and executives from Hispanic marketing, media, and digital agencies, led by Hyundai Motor America Chief Marketing Officer, Angela Zepeda.

Lopez Negrete Communications received the bronze awards in two different categories:

Best Cultural Insight for the “Hablemos de tu Descanso” campaign for Mattress Firm, and

Pro-Bono for the Disaster Preparation campaign for the Ad Council-FEMA.

Lopez Negrete Communications President and CEO Alex López Negrete stated: “This is one of the toughest competitions in our industry – and receiving these awards is truly an honor, for they speak to the soul of the work and to the culture that drives it. It’s particularly sweet for our first-year Mattress Firm client and their Hablemos de tu Descanso campaign, as it is for the Ad Council and FEMA – this was very important, if not life-saving work. After all, this was the first-ever Latino-specific Disaster Preparation campaign. We’re very proud of these two bodies of work, and delighted the judges seemed to feel the same way.”

To view the Hablemos de tu Descanso and Disaster Preparation campaigns, click below.

Hablemos de tu DescansoMattress Firm: Hablemos de tu descanso – Lopez Negrete Communications Lopez Negrete Communications

Disaster Preparation:  The Best Planner – Ad Council / FEMA – Lopez Negrete Communications Lopez Negrete Communications





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