It Is The Circle Of Life, But For Círculo Creativo

Thuntitlede Círculo Creativo of the Hispanic Market in the United States released the new platform for its relaunch. Yes, you heard that right. Relaunch.

Círculo Creativo is a nonprofit founded in 1999 with the aim of promoting creative excellence and communication among professionals working in the U.S. Hispanic advertising market.

Círculo Creativo is open to advertising professionals or freelance creatives employed by a Hispanic advertising company or agency, PR company or agency, or media industry company in the United States. And advertising professionals or freelance creatives employed by a general market advertising company or agency, PR company or agency, or media industry company in the United States who are of Latin American or Spanish origin.

Since our beginning, we have been striving to bridge the geographical gap that separates the advertising professionals in our market. That is why for the 2019 -2020 cycle, we have decided to go back to our roots and put all our energy into our original mission by promoting continuous interaction among creatives nationwide via programs and contests such as U.S. Hispanic Young Lions Competition & looking forward to be able to continue with the Not So Young Creatives Contest too.

We’ll continue to facilitate the community getting to know each other through virtual communication, continue offering education on the latest trends in the Industry, empowering the younger generations and not so young professionals out there with knowledge and networking; we’ll make sure fresh blood gets a chance to meet with the most internationally recognized creatives from the market through Círculo’s Fresh Ideas; a new initiative where students are able to present their books to active professionals. And, of course, keep offering job opportunities.

It’s time to unite creatives and make sure their circle grows like never before. Not to mention the partnerships that all members will be able to enjoy.

How will Círculo Creativo achieve all this?

With you; the executive team member from Círculo Creativo, the three Co-Chairman: Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Alma; Aldo Quevedo, Creative Principal at Richards/Lerma; Gustavo Lauría, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at We Believers; and General Manager, Treasurer: Francisco Vargas, Executive Producer at Adictivo and Counselor: Bettina Abascal, Director at Momentum Reps; and a group of committed creatives who will be leading this evolution.

Please welcome Círculo Creativo’s seven regional leaders:

  • Fernando Osuna – Chief Creative Officer at López Negrete Communications in Houston.
  • Serge Flores – Executive Creative Director at LatinWorks in Austin.
  • Javier Osorio – Freelance Creative Director in Chicago.
  • Flor Leibaschoff – Group Creative Director at Richards/Lerma in Dallas.
  • Elías Weinstock – Chief Creative Officer at Casanova/McCann in Los Angeles.
  • Iván Calle – Vice President, Executive Creative Director at Zubi in Miami.
  • Mauricio Galván – Creative Director at Anomaly in New York.

They will be working closely together to shorten the distances between their regions.

When we asked our regional leaders to provide quotes all of them agreed and mentioned;

“This new Círculo is all about inclusion, working together to build a community. Our commitment to reach common goals and understand the unique attributes of each region will be the main focus. Elevating our way of thinking and tackling hurdles with a unique approach that will yield results for all members.”

“Being spread out in several cities across the country can be a weakness or a strength for our industry. This structure of Círculo Creativo makes it a strength, leveraging all the talent that exists in each city.”

“This new structure better reflects the present situation of our industry, while setting us up to respond to the future of it as well.”

We are ready to get this Círculo rolling. One. More. Time. It’s been a while. And we are as eager and enthusiastic as the first day in 1999. Twenty years, and there is still so much to work on. We hope you can come and roll with us. Together, this can be done.

So on February 7 at 6:30 p.m. CT, all 7 regions will kick off this renewal with a simultaneous event – “Círculo Creativo: one week after the Super Bowl”. Círculo Creativo will have 3-4 panelists per city and will discuss the top ten spots from the biggest day of the year for advertisers.

This event will be free for members and non-members.

For more information, please visit

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